Your Work Horse

Whether your beloved hard working dedicated equine athlete is chasing cows, chasing barrels, running patterns, jumping fences, taking you down the trail or packing supplies, they have muscles, tendons & ligaments just like we do.

Just about everyone has over done it a time or two & has experienced tight muscles in either your lower back, shoulders, legs or arms.  Your equine athlete is no different.  They work day after day for you until……..until that dreaded swollen knee, swollen hock, front shoulder limp or worse bucking or crow hopping show up from sore sensitive back muscles.

If you have ever suffered any type of injury your recovery has most likely involved follow-up physical therapy, which usually includes stretching and/or massage.  Most of us wait until something happens before researching remedies or thinking about preventative maintenance.

Massage & Stretching= Preventative Maintenance


Equine Therapies Available


Massage is beneficial to increase range of motion, improve athletic performance and help prevent injuries.  If an injury occurs it can alleviate pain, tension and discomfort, reduce inflammation and swelling. It can relax muscles, release endorphins and break down scar tissue. 


The transcutaneous eletrical nerve stimulator can assist in reducing pain.  It sends eletrical pulses through the skin to release endorphins to prevent pain signals being transmitted to the brain.


A rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports conditioning platform that assists in maintaining muscle mass and bone density, reduces frequency of injuries and chronic inflammation, reduces healing time, assists in eliminating pain.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) can assist with alleviating soreness, inflammation and pain by promoting cellular exercise.  It encourages a natural recovery.  It can be helpful with tendon and ligament injuries, sore backs, stifles, hocks, and shoulders.  It can also help with gastric ulcers, colic, laminitis and EPM.


Benefits of proper stretching of your athletes neck, back and legs can result in better performance and less injuries.


Cupping provides local pain relief and muscle relaxation.  It assists in creating blood flow and lymphatic circulation.


Kinesio taping lifts the skin from the tissue enabling increased blood flow and oxygenation assisting in inflammation and pain reduction.  This also helps with a quicker recovery and rehabilitation.


Cold laser light waves penetrate deeply into the tissue and the benefits are anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects.  It helps to restore balance, energy and oxygen to sick cells and accelerates healing and cell regeneration.


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